Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Circumstances

I'm using my great nephew's laptop, as my adventure in blogging continues. I won't write much because of the instablity of the wireless and every other problem that can occur when one is out of one's environment.
We are celebrating early my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary today. I had forgotten this morning that it is also our 29th wedding anniversary until my mother-in-law mentioned it in church. I was suprised I'd forgotten, but when the circumstances are totally topsy turvey I forget things I'd been remembering. So, I tossed the 29 years like no big deal in my realization that I had not even thought of it this morning. In fact, we had an argument about our poor communication as we rapidly departed his aunt's house on "the hill" I suppose it was strange to have slept in his grandmother's old bedroom. I kept thinking this is the room where Grandma died.
Family is growing and the in-law's house is not. It is alumni weekend in my husband's hometown, so forget staying in a motel room. 300 people were at the exclusive banquet last evening. I was looking forward to sitting on their porch, but everyone has developed a new hobby of killing flies, from 9 to 90. Yet the weather is beautiful and there is no rain.
We have tried to keep Mom from doing much this weekend. She always does her kitchen with ease, but this is their big weekend. The picnic is yet to come and the official celebration. I thank God for a new family I've had for 29 years today.

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